School Year 2018-2019


Registration is available online! Choose your classes now before they fill up! School year classes begin Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018.



Summer Workshops 2018

7 weeks - Wedn. June 6 – Wedn. July 25

Ages 18 months + Mommy & Me

Ages 2-3 Preschool 1 Ballet/Tap

Ages 4-5 Preschool 2 Ballet/Tap

Ages 5-7 Combination Ballet/Tap | Mini Jazz | Mini Hop Hop

Beginning Hip Hop

Ages 8-12: Int. Ballet | Int. Turns (Jazz) | Int. Jumps (Jazz) | Int. Jazz

Intermediate Hip Hop

Ages 12+: Advanced Ballet | Abs, Arms & Buns | Advanced Turns (Jazz) | Advanced Jumps (Jazz)

Advanced Jazz | Nothing But Stretch | Improvisation

Advanced Hip Hop

Adult Hip Hop

Yoga for Dancers


**No classes Wedn, July 4

**If you need classes pro-rated for vacation you must register at the office or by phone. 817-738-8763

**No refunds for missed classes after registration is submitted.

**All classes must meet a minimum enrollment to avoid cancellation






Summer Intensives 2018


Mary’s Hip Hop Intensive (Age 7-11)

Aug. 16-18

$15/class; $40/all 3

Thurs. 8/16 6:00-7:00 pm

Fri, 8/17 6:00-7:00 pm

Sat. 8/18 12noon-1:00 pm


Mary’s Hip Hop Intensive (Age 12+)

August 16-18

$20/class; $50/all 3

Thurs. 8/16 7:00-8:30 pm

Fri. 8/17 7:00-8:30 pm

Sat. 8/18 1:00-2:30 pm


Debbi Jo’s Ballet Intensive (Age 12+)

Mon., Aug. 27 - Thurs., Aug 30 (4 days)

5:45 - 7:15pm - $80





Debbi Jo’s Hello, Broadway! - (Age 9-15)

Mon. Aug 20 - Fri. Aug 24 - 5:00-7:30pm - $190


Leslie’s Lyrical/Contemporary Intensive (Age 7-11)

Aug. 28/29/30  6:30pm – 7:30pm - $15/class; $40/all 3


Leslie’s Lyrical/Contemporary Intensive (Age 12+)

Aug. 28/29/30  7:30pm – 9pm - $20/class; $50/all 3


Debbi Jo’s “Back to Dance” Boot Camp (Age 10+)

Sept. 4 - Ballet 5-6pm  |  Lyrical 6-7pm  |  Jazz 7-8pm

Sept. 5 - Ballet 5-6pm  |  Lyrical 6-7pm  |  Jazz 7-8pm

Sept. 6 - Ballet 5-6pm  |  Lyrical 6-7pm  |  Jazz 7-8pm


Entire Boot Camp (9 classes) $90

One Subject or One Day (3 classes) $40

Single Class $15

Classes - School Year Sept 2018- May 2019

PRESCHOOL 1 - ages 2-4

One class per week with one recital routine


PRESCHOOL 2 - ages 4-6

One class per week with two recital routines

Designed to develop major motor skills through tap and ballet. The program refines coordination, rhythm, and personality projection through beginning ballet and tap technique in a song/dance format, with imagination exercises, games, & rhythm instruments.

BALLET-TAP Combination - ages 5-7

one class per week with two recital routines


Focus on an expanded dance vocabulary and stretch benefits in ballet, while the degree of difficulty in tap combinations is increased. Utilizes the song/dance format.



JAZZ ages 5-7

one class per week with one recital routine


Geared for the very beginning level jazz student. Basic jazz technique is studied through simple turns, jumps, progressions and combinations - all taught to age appropriate music




HIP HOP levels 1-5 ages 5-7

one class per week with one recital routine


Focus on street style jazz with an urban feel. The younger classes introduce a high energy, contemporary, “jammin'” environment with age appropriate music. The older classes involve more complicated choreography with floorwork.



JAZZ levels 1-5  ages 7+

two classes per week with one recital routine


5 levels of twice/week jazz classes. The first class of the week is devoted to a full standing warm-up, floor work, turns, jumps and combinations. The second class includes a traveling warm-up through progressions and routines. Form, line and style are explored in depth, and performance technique is emphasized at all levels.



TAP levels 1-5  ages 7+

one class per week with one recital routine


Accommodates the beginner to advanced tap dancer. Tap vocabulary increases and combinations become more complex with each class level. Tap styles range from Broadway to "Buck & Wing" to Rhythm tap.




BALLET levels 1 & 2  ages 7-11

one class per week with one recital routine


Consists of barre and floor work for the beginner to intermediate ballet student. Strength and flexibility are increased through a study of classical line and movement.



BALLET / POINTE  levels 3-5    ages 10+

two classes per week with one recital routine


Designed for the intermediate-advanced ballet dancer. Pointe students must be recommended by the teacher, but pointe work is not required at any level.



LYRICAL levels 2-5  ages 8+

one class per week with one recital routine


Study a poetic dance form that defines jazz technique through a style that features balance, extension and emotion.





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Since 1973, our philosophy of dance education has been centered on the simple idea that learning to dance should be fun. With all the challenges placed before our students in the classroom, we encourage an atmosphere of praise and positive reinforcement.