How do I register my child?


All registration is done online.

New families register online by clicking Enroll

Existing families use their

Parent Portal


How much does it cost?


This varies greatly by the number of subjects and students you have enrolled. For the 2022-2023 School Year, a student taking a Preschool 1 class the total fees for the year will be $865.00 (this includes registration fee, monthly tuition, one costume, one pair of tights, a commemorative recital t-shirt worn for the Mayfest performance, recital programs and unlimited recital admissions). Shoes, recital video and theater parking are not included.


Do you send a bill

each month?


We do not email or mail a tuition bill each month. You will have a credit card on file and it will be run on the appropriate due dates. You can pay ahead of time in your Parent Portal if you prefer. Monthly tuition is due on the 1st and if it has not been paid by the 8th, a $15 late fee will be added. Your performance bundle (recital costumes, tights, commemorative t-shirt, recital program and unlimited recital admissions) is payable in 3 equal installments due November 15, December 15 and January 15.

Is there a discount

for pre-payment?


If your semester tuition is paid in full by September 1 for Fall and January 1 for Spring, you qualify for our semester discount.

How soon do I need

to enroll?


We suggest enrolling as soon as possible so you will have your choice of classes. Many classes, especially those for our younger students, will fill and have waiting lists.

Will I be able to observe

my child in class?


Yes, our dance rooms have windows.  Parents can see in and the dancers can see out.

Can I be in the room

with my child?


Ideally, no.  However, for Preschool 1 students we do allow parents in the room the first few (up to 3) weeks to help ease the transition if necessary.   We do ask that if you are in the room you make sure that your presence is not disruptive to the class.  Your teacher and our office staff can give you tips on how to deal with this situation.

Will there be a

Holiday performance?


There is no stage performance for the Holidays, but the week before our winter break we hold Watch Me Week for all classes.  Families are invited to be inside the room for the entire class period.  Invitations with specific information will be distributed in classes in early December.

Are there special

classroom performances?


In addition to our studio-wide Watch Me Week (see above), our younger classes (Preschool 1, Preschool 2, Ballet/Tap 5-7, Jazz 5-7, Hip Hop 5-7) have Costume Party Week the last week of October.  Students will wear costumes and the class will combine dance and a few games.  Families are invited in for the last 15 minutes for photos and to watch our special Halloween-themed dances.  Invitations will be distributed in classes in mid-October.

When and where is the annual Recital?


Our recital is held at the Will Rogers Memorial Center Theater and is typically in Mid-May.  Detailed recital information is distributed in early April.

Do classes perform other than the recital?


We dance on one of the stages at Mayfest each year.  All Preschool 1, Preschool 2, Ballet/Tap 5-7, Jazz 5-7, and all Hip Hop classes perform.  Some other classes and a few competition routines also perform.

Can my child join a class mid-semester?


We do take new students mid-semester if space is available.  Students wishing to participate in our recital need to be registered no later than early January to ensure availability of a costume.

My child has been enrolled in the Fall Semester, what do I need to do to enroll for the Spring?


You do not need to re-register for the Spring Semester if you have been enrolled in the Fall.  When you register, you are committing to stay in the same class through our May recital and will be responsible for all appropriate charges.


Can we enroll for the Spring?


You do not need to re-register for the Spring Semester if you have been enrolled in the Fall.  When you register, you are committing to stay in the same class through our May recital and will be responsible for all appropriate charges.

My child just turned 2, can we enroll?


Space-permitting, we will be happy to enroll your child.  If it is after January, we strongly suggest that you wait and enroll in our Summer Workshop, of one of our special Itty Bitty Intro to Dance courses.  These are great ways to introduce these youngest dancers to our classroom environment.

My child recently had a birthday and is old enough for the next level of classes.  Should we switch?


We do not recommend switching classes mid-year as we want students to receive all instruction presented in a particular level before they advance.  Also, most classes start learning their recital dances in September and all costumes are ordered by early January, making a mid-year switch complicated.

I am not sure my child will participate in recital.  What should we do?


We have a very high success rate with our students at recital.   Over 97% of our students, even our youngest ones, go on stage and perform. We will go to great lengths, if necessary, to help a child feel comfortable on the stage.  We want recital to be a positive experience.

My student is interested in the competition team.  What can we do to become a part of it?


If you are interested in having your dancer considered for our team, please send us an email (danceconceptoffice@gmail.com) and we will have our faculty do an evaluation.

I am interested in Private Lessons or Choreography for a talent show performance.


Please contact our office directly.  Our office manager, Teresa, will put you in contact with the appropriate faculty member.    What if I am not currently enrolled at your studio?  We will be happy to help you, availability permitting.

My child missed their regular class this week, is there a way to make it up?


For Preschool 1, Preschool 2, Ballet/Tap 5-7 and Jazz 5-7 you can make up the class in another time slot for the same subject.  We ask that you not do this more than twice a semester, and that you do it in the same calendar month as the class you missed if at all possible.  You may not attend another class during Costume Party week or Watch Me Week.  Also, keep in mind that while the classes are similar, the recital dances will likely be different when your child visits another class.

Do you ever close for bad weather?


We follow FWISD for weather related closings.  If FWISD is closed, we are closed all day.  If FWISD cancels after-school activities, we are closed.  If FWISD operates on a delayed opening schedule, we do not hold morning classes.  For possible closures on Saturday, please check our website, call the studio, and/or check your email.




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Since 1973, our philosophy of dance education has been centered on the simple idea that learning to dance should be fun. With all the challenges placed before our students in the classroom, we encourage an atmosphere of praise and positive reinforcement.